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TDI 1997-1999 (Early) VW Jetta A3

In 1997 VW imported the MK3 (A3) VW Jetta TDI with a 1.9L Turbocharged Direct Injected Diesel engine. This engine produced 90 Horses, and about 149 ft/lbs of torque. Very similar to the 1Z engine of the Passat The AHU engine is almost completely identical for all intents and purposes with only minor improvements.

Injection Pump Style: Bosch VE Direct Injection, Electronically controlled
Available Transmissions: 5 Speed Manual 02J (Early Shifter)
Oil Type: VW 505.00 About 4.7 Liters
Turbo Style: Wastegate (Can be converted to a VNT)

Unusual things about chipping:
EDC15 systems can have their chips installed without soldering, however it still requires disassembling the ECU to get to the board, and cannot be flashed through the OBD port.

Common Issues:
65535 Error code
As seen on Ross Tech: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/65535
This is usually just a MAP sensor hose inside the ECU that goes bad, or another hose leading to it from the boost pipe. This is the most common mis-diagnosed code on this car which usually leads these wonderful cars to the junkyard when it's a very inexpensive fix.

Door Handles:
Door handles break with time (similar to the Passats)

Coolant hoses:
Triple Hoses below the injection pump leak coolant with time or with Fuel leaking from Injection pump

Injection Pump Leaks:
Can be resealed (see our pricing for more detail)
Typically every 3-5 years will need a seal kit.