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5 speed automatic wiring

Still Under Construction

5 speed automatics require more wiring than on the 4 speed. All connectors in engine compartment are different

Cruise control on the Diesel engine is pin 43 on the large connector of the ECU, this should be a switched positive (normally closed with the pedal up)

I do this by disconnecting the F8 (kick down switch) at the ecu pin 94/59 and move it to pin 94/43, inside the vehicle I then cut pin 1 on the throttle pedal connection and connect it to the switched +12 from the bottom clutch pedal switch.

A27 Bus may not be present causing a fault for VSS, On Deisel engines the A27 bus is a connection between pin 3 on the blue connector of the instrument cluster to pin 90 on the large ECU connector.

The way I do this is to move pin 94/28 to pin 94/90, then move the engine harness side of pin 9 to pin 6 in the orange connector in the plenum (under the wipers)

VSS harness is not present and must be wired in manually: This requires a 10a fused positive connection (usually fuse 7 bus B163) to pin1 , ground to pin 3, and a wire from pin 2 to the instrument cluster blue connector pin 28

The way I do this is to connect pin 2 from the VSS to pin 56 of the transmission computer (which is no longer installed). Pin 1 is connected to the reverse lights positive wire, and pin 3 is connected to the ground in the range switch (brown wire)

Faults for glowplug heater circuits can be solved by connecting two 1k resistor from the black green wire for the cruise control pedal connection to each pins 70 and 71 in the large connector of the ECU (one resistor per connector), you can also wire up two relays for the same effect.

Consult your bentley manual for all other details.