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Suspension Overhaul: 

1998-2009 Beetle
1999.5-2005 Jetta
1999-2005 Golf (Except R32)

Includes the most commonly failed parts on your Mk4 Golf, Jetta, Beetle.
Bilstien Touring or Sport Suspension (other options are available for an additional charge)
OEM Shock and Strut Mounts
Strut Bearings
Audi TT Lower Control Arm Bushings
Swaybar Bushings
Steering End Links
$1409 + Tax, Installed

2005.5-2011 Jetta
2006-2010 Rabbit/GTI

Includes the most commonly failed parts on your Later model Rabbit/GTI, Jetta
KYB Excel G Suspension (Other options available for an additional charge)
Strut Mounts and Bearings (The bearings will make a crunching noise only when turning the wheel)
Front Control Arm Bushings (usually causes a squeaking or creaking noise)
Front Control Arm Mounts
Shock Mounts
Swaybar Links
Steering End Links
$1500 + Tax Installed

Call for pricing on other vehicles